Monkmans Revisited

In my last blog entry (about Pickering), I alluded to the fact that next up would be a list of places to visit in the Lastingham area.  I am still hard at work doing my research for that article . . . but in the meantime, I was recently sent some photos that I wanted to share with you all right away.

If you remember, a couple of entries ago, I wrote about the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Robert and Esther Monkman (my great great great grandparents).  They were the couple who had sixteen children and their daughter, Esther, was my great great grandmother.


Robert Monkman and Esther Hebden (Grandad P’s great-grandparents)

Well, I am a member of Ancestry and a few weeks ago, I was contacted on Ancestry by a distant relative.  Her name is Angela and, like me,  she is a great great great granddaughter of Robert and Esther.  If I have figured things out correctly, I think that makes Angela and me 4th cousins!  Now, it turns out that Angela is lucky enough to have a Monkman uncle who is in possession of Robert and Esther’s Bible that has been passed down through the generations.  And that Bible includes not only the birth dates of Robert, Esther, and all their children, but also photographs!  So, without further delay, here are some of the images from the Bible that Angela was kind enough to send me:

Robert and Esther Monkman (my great great great grandparents):


Close up of Robert Monkman (my great great great grandfather):


Close up of Esther Monkman nee Hebden (my great great great grandmother):


Another photo of Robert and Esther Monkman (my great great great grandparents):


Esther Monkman (my great great grandmother) and her sister Mary Monkman:


Another page of the Bible with photos of two of Robert and Esther’s sons: Robert and James. My 4th cousin, Angela, is descended from James Monkman:


I never thought I would see family photos from so long ago.  How marvelous, eh?!  Thanks very much to Angela for contacting me and sharing such treasures!


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