Places to Visit in Pickering

In 2017, Mom, Dad, and I will be visiting Pickering, Yorkshire. Pickering is a market town located on the edge of the North York Moors.  It has existed since medieval times; a castle and manor were erected after the Norman invasion in 1066. In the last census (2011), 6,830 people lived there.

I am really looking forward to visiting Pickering because my grandmother (Nanny C.) was born there as was her father (Robert Hewby), her paternal grandparents (Robert Hewby and Ann Holtby), and even one of her great grandmothers (Rose Holliday).  Our family’s connection to Pickering, then, stretches back to at least the 1810s.


Nora Hewby and her ancestors, with those born in Pickering highlighted.

During our visit to Pickering, we hope to tread in the footsteps of our ancestors by taking a look at some of houses, streets, and locales they frequented.  Here is a list of places that have significance to our family:

Haygate Lane – in 1911, 5 month old Nora Hewby (Nanny C.!) lived here with her parents, brother, and sister.  There were only four residences on Haygate Lane at that time, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out which one the Hewbys lived in.  All I know for sure is that it isn’t #1, as Thomas Benson and his family clearly state that they live in that one.

10 Hall Garth – in 1901, Robert & Ann Hewby (Nanny’s grandparents) lived here, along with two of their children: 19 year old Robert (Nanny’s father) and 33 year old Rose.  Rose’s children also lived there: Robert & John Parnaby, ages 6 and 4. Ten years later, in 1911, Robert senior still lived here, although he was now a widower.  His daughter, Rose, and her two children (now ages 16 and 14) still lived there too.


View of Hall Garth as it looks today. The black circle indicates 10 Hall Garth where the Hewbys lived.

3 Hall Garth – according to her marriage certificate, Annie Ward (Nanny’s mother) lived here in 1902.  Simultaneously, her fiance (Nanny’s father) lived seven doors away at 10 Hall Garth.

Old Cattle Market – in 1891, 10 year old Robert Hewby (Nanny’s father) lived here with his parents (Nanny’s grandparents) and his older siblings (Rose, John, Hetty, Jane, and Annie).  The address is hard to locate on a map as it appears to refer to a patch of green space rather than a street, but I strongly suspect that, while the census taker has written their address as “Old Cattle Market,” the Hewbys are, in actual fact, living at 10 Hall Garth just like they will be in future censuses.  My rationale for reaching this conclusion: 10 Hall Garth looks out onto the green space that is Old Cattle Market.  Also, many of the Hewby’s neighbours are exactly the same individuals house-by-house as in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, which seems to suggest that it is actually the same street under a different name.


Old Cattle Market. The “Lettered Board” public house on the far right still exists today.  This is the view the Hewbys would have had out of their front window. Who knows, maybe some of the children in the photo are Hewbys!

Eastgate – in 1881, 7-month-old Robert Hewby (Nanny’s father) lived here with his parents and five older siblings.  His father, Robert Hewby (Nanny’s grandfather) lived on the north side of the exact same street when he was a child.  And, going back another generation, John and Mary Hewby (Nanny’s great grandparents) lived on Eastgate from at least 1851-1871.  Eastgate is a very long road (now part of the A170), and no notation was made in the censuses as to exact house numbers; however I can make an educated guess that the Hewbys all lived at the far north east end of the street since the censuses make note of the fact that their house is close to both Thornton Road and the very uniquely named “House That Jack Built.”

Blansby Park Farm – in 1861, Robert Hewby and Ann Holtby (Nanny’s grandparents) both worked on this 320 acre farm.  Robert was a live-in shepherd while Ann was a domestic servant.  It is entirely possible that Robert and Ann began their courtship at Blansby Park Farm, as, only two years later, they married each other.  At the time of the next census (1871), Robert was still working as a shepherd at this farm.


Blansby Park Farm (Copyright Gordon Hatton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License.)

Potter Hill – John and Mary Hewby (Nanny’s great grandparents) lived here in 1841.  Potter Hill is a very long street and the census taker didn’t make note of house numbers, but it appears that the Hewbys lived in the vicinity of John Pearson’s grocery shop, which was located near Train Lane.

Stape Head House – At the time of the 1851 and 1861 censuses, Richard and Rose Holtby (nee Holliday) (another set of Nanny’s great grandparents) lived here with their eight children, including Ann (Nanny’s paternal grandmother).  Stape is a small hamlet that many of Richard and Rose’s relatives also lived in around that time.  The family still had connections in the area in 1891, as one of Richard and Rose’s sons (William) is living at “Stape Head East House.” Both Holtbys and Hollidays were still abundant in the area in 1911, although I am not sure how exactly they were related to Richard and Rose.

Flamborough Rigg – Richard and Rose Holtby (Nanny’s great grandparents) lived on this farm in Stape in 1841.  There were four other residences listed on the census as forming part of Flamborough Rigg and all four seem to be occupied by Rose’s relatives: Robert Holiday (age 65), George Holliday (age 25), Robert Holliday (age 29), and William Holliday (age 50).  Today, at least part of the Flamborough Rigg property is a Bed & Breakfast.  Even the barn has been converted into accommodations!  The owners also have a blog where you can see what Flamborough Rigg looks like season to season.


Flamborough Rigg

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel – Robert Hewby and Annie Ward (Nanny’s parents) were married in this chapel on Hungate Street, Pickering on June 14, 1902.  Today, the same building serves as the Kirk Theatre.


Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

St Peter and St Paul Church – Robert Hewby and Ann Holtby (Nanny’s paternal grandparents) were married in this church in 1863.  Similarly, Richard Holtby and Rose Holliday (Nanny’s great grandparents) were married there on June 7, 1834.  It is located right beside Old Cattle Market in Pickering.

That’s quite the list of places to visit in the Pickering area, eh?!  My next blog post will focus on mom’s side of the family as I take a look at places to visit in the Lastingham area.  Stay tuned . . .




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