9 Eggs!

This time around, let’s take a look at George Stead, my great-great-great grandfather.  He was the maternal grandfather of Herbert George Carter (Grandad C.’s dad).


Family Tree of George Stead

George Stead was born in 1804 in Birstwith, Yorkshire.  His parents were John and Ann Stead (nee Parler).  He was baptised on June 24th, 1804.


Baptism of George Stead

George married Martha Wetherill (my great great great grandmother) in Danby Wiske on April 28, 1835.  He had at least eight children (seven girls & one boy) with Martha, including a daughter called Martha (my great great grandmother).  In the 1820s and 1830s, George was the tenant-farmer of Brockholme, a 67 acre farm (in the Danby Wiske area) that was put up for auction in 1831:


Brockholme Farm for Sale – Yorkshire Gazette, Aug 27, 1831

After the farm was sold, George and his family stayed on as tenants.  A government report from 1837 even records how much George was paying in rent at that time:


Report of 1837

The family was still at Brockholme when the 1841 census was taken.  Later that decade, George moved his family to Little Langton before eventually moving back to the Danby Wiske area.  George lived a long life, reaching age 86.

When I’m researching my ancestors, I’m always hopeful I can find out more about them than just their birth, marriage, and death dates.  I strive to find unique snippets of info about each of them – snippets that transform them into living breathing individuals.  In the case of George Stead, my search was fruitful.  I delved into newspapers of the time and, low and behold, I found a small article about him and a rather special goose he had.


Durham County Advertiser – November 6, 1835

It’s a very short little snippet about his life, but I can definitely picture a very chuffed George counting the eggs!


(As an aside, for anyone living or visiting the Northallerton area, there is apparently a six mile walk in Danby Wiske that takes you right through Brockholme Farm.  Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to come across a goose with nine eggs!)


3 thoughts on “9 Eggs!

  1. Very interesting ! We will certainly have to put a walk past brockhurst farm , when we are in England .
    I don’t know how you managed to find that little snippet about his goose !


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