Northallerton Views

On Facebook, I was lucky enough to come across a great page called Northallerton Views.  It’s basically a place where people can go to post old and new photos of Northallerton.  For any of you with ties to Northallerton, I encourage you to take a peek at that site every once in a while.  It’s fascinating to see photos of ancestors and familiar places pop up on there.  For this post, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Northallerton Views finds with you.

First up, let’s start with one taken just down the street from 11 Springwell Terrace.  Looks like quite the flood!


Willow Beck Flood, Springwell Lane (Posted by Caroline Baker)

And here’s one of a train accident at Castle Hills Junction.  According to the Yorkshire Gazette, on October 4th, 1894, the Edinburgh to Kings Cross express train collided with a Darlington to York mineral train in thick fog.  Six people were seriously injured.  The train was carrying some very high profile passengers: two cabinet ministers: Lord Tweedmouth and Mr. Arnold Morley.  They were unharmed.  However, when news of the accident reached London, there were a few moments of anxiety as it was initially thought the prime minister, Lord Rosebery, was on the train.  Luckily though, it was later discovered that he’d caught an earlier train from Edinburgh.  I wonder what my ancestors thought of their town being in the middle of a national news story?  My great great grandfather, William Carter, was working for the railway around that time, so the accident certainly must have resonated with him.


Train Accident at Castle Hills Junction, 1894

Now let’s take a look at a photo of Castle Hills Farm.  The woman in the photo is Clara Carter.  She was the wife of Matthew Henry Carter who was my great great uncle.  The little girl is Clara’s daugher, Grace, who, many decades later, used to give me comics whenever we were in England.  Grace was Grandad C.’s first cousin.  Grace’s father, Matthew Henry, and my great grandfather, Herbert George, were brothers.


Castle Hills Farm: Clara Carter and Grace Carter (Posted by Caroline Baker)

Here’s another shot of Clara Carter and Castle Hills Farm.  This one was taken in the 1940s.  Judging by the multitude of icicles, it must have been a very cold winter!


Castle Hills Farm: Clara Carter

And then, here is my absolute favorite Northallerton Views find.  It’s a photo of my great-great grandparents, William & Martha Carter.  They were the parents of Herbert George Carter.  This photo was also taken at Castle Hills Farm.  I never imagined I’d find a photo of them on Facebook!  Lovely to be able to put faces to their names.


Castle Hills Farm: William & Martha Carter (Posted by Caroline Baker)


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